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Air exhaust port

An air exhaust port on a nail gun is the location where air escapes after the tool is fired

Air filter

An air filter is a replaceable device for cleaning air as it enters the compressor

Air inlet

An air inlet port is the location on a pneumatic tool where pressurized air enters the tool

Air outlet

The air outlet of a compressor is a connection point for the hose at air compressor


To align is to place or arrange things in a straight line.


Alkyd is the synthetic resin used in oil-based paints.


Amperage is the volume of current flow through a circuit


The American National Standards Institute  or ANSI is an organization that sets safety standards for construction equipment


The arbor is the threaded motor shaft on a saw to which a circular blade is fastened


An arc is a partial sweep of a circle’s perimeter from it’s center

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