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Blade guard

The blade guard is a safety feature of a saw that covers the spinning blade when not in use and moves out of the way as material is passed through it

Blade height adjustment

The blade height adjustment of a table saw uses a wheel to raise and lower the blade relative to the table surface to cut through different material thicknesses

Blade lock

The blade lock is a built in hands-free feature used to hold the blade while extended

Blade pressed

To blade pressed is to applymasking tape with pressure from a 5 in 1 tool to better seal the tape edge


Bleed is a painting defect where paint leaks behind the tape edge producing a less than perfect paint line


Blocking is short horizontal boards nailed in between stud bays for added wall strength, material support, or fire control


Boring is the process of a drill spinning a drill bit to form a hole in a material

Bottom cripple

A Bottom Crippleis a short partial stud placed below the sill in a window rough opening

Bottom plate

A Bottom plate is the lower continuous wall framing component that holds the studs in place at the floor. Also referred to as a sole plate or a shoe plate


A bow is a curve to the right or left traveling the long direction of the board as seen while sighting a board with its edge up

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