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To burnish is to dimple or lower a high spot on a surface by pushing with the end of a spackle knife

Butt wall

A butt wall is a shortened wall in a corner connection that terminates into a through wall. This type of wall helps to define the inside corner of the room or building



Cableis a jacketed bundle of individually insulated conductors like Romex

California corner

A California corner is an energy efficient 3 stud corner design with an accessible void for insulating

Cap plate

A cap plate is an upper continuous wall framing component that rests on top of the top plate. The top layer of a double top plate


The carriage is a part of a caulk gun that holds the caulk cartridge firmly; sometimes called the cradle or frame


The carrier is the liquid component of the paint that allows the solids to mix and flow and be applied in a film. The carrier dries or evaporates to leave a hardened paint coat


The cartridge is a round tube with a pointed end used to hold and distribute caulk

Cast iron

Cast ironis a  material used in plumbing for drain, waste, and vent pipes and fittings. It is a very dense, long-lasting, and heavy material that deadens the sound of water passing through it

Cat's paw

A cat’s paw is a sharp ended prying tool for digging out and removing flushed or inset fasteners

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