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Paint tray

A paint tray is a special container to help load a roller with paint for application

Painter's tape

Painter’s tape is special tape used for masking that offers extended-release time

Palm nailer

A palm nailer is a pneumatic tool used for easier nailing in confined spaces and driving various single nails with heads

Pancake compressor

A pancake compressor is a small, flattened, cylindrical type of portable compressor.


A pane isa separate defined glass area of a window

Panel break

A panel break is where the outside edge of a sheet good material will land on framing when the stud layout is correct. Panel breaks on layout usually fall on the centerline of a stud


Parallel is a term used to describetwo side by side lines that run the same direction and are exactly the same distance apart everywhere


Particulate is very small airborne particles


PASSis an acronym that stands for Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep -a helpful way to remember method for effectively using a fire extinguisher


Penny is a term used to describe variousnail sizing that grows in numbers as the nail size increases

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